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Thursday 16th June 2005
Sebright School, Haggerston

Haggerston at Sebright School

The ever exciting National Sure Start Month was well under way by the time KidsZone London visited Haggerston Sure Start in mid June, for their health and safety event at the Sebright School in Hackney, east London.

Ethos of Sure Starts

This was a great taster of the events not only run by Haggerston but displayed also the pro-active ethos of the Sure Starts. The school hall was garnished in white and orange balloons, the logo colours of Sure Start, luckily more edible food was on hand.

Healthy Eating

Parents and children were greeted at the door by cocktails of fruit and vegetable juices, whilst on the other side of the hall were members from Shoreditch Spa. A local health eating centre, who demonstrated with great vigour, the simplicity of cooking quick and healthy meals.

Promoting Safety

There were of course, more serious aspects to this event, stalls detailing the necessity of child safety awareness had Sure Start first aid kits, to distribute to the community. And the current nationwide campaign concerning the harm passed onto children by smokers, brought to prominence through the slogan “If you smoke, I smoke” were also addressed by this event.

Haggerston Sure Start

The day was characterised by tremendously committed and enthusiastic staff; notably Kirsten Webb the programme manager, Nivedita Samji and Dawn Haye who spent the day tirelessly promoting the forthcoming events remaining on the National Sure Start calendar.

Local Contribution

A special mention I feel is due to the parent volunteers who commit themselves to Haggerston Sure Start. Without whose help it would be most difficult to co-ordinate such events. And to mention not least of all the children, who had a wonderful day and as illustrated by the photographs were intrigued and thrilled by the displays (particularly those lavished by food!!)

reviewed by Siobhan Tattan
(KidsZone • London)