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Friday 18th Nov 2005
Tower Hamlets
Precious Kids Day Nursery
Two Children Playing
Precious Kids situated on Deal St in Tower Hamlets, has many unique facets to its services. It promotes community spirit over profit and employs locally, ensuring that the needs of the community are best met. But more attractively it is one of the only two nursery co-operatives in the borough.

Ethically Motivated

What this entails is that Precious Kids Nursery operates on an ethical basis, their ethos is to help the underprivileged by keeping the cost of childcare to a minimum. This is a valuable service for those who wish to retrain and return to employment. But also for those who prefer to source alternative childcare and use an ethically motivated organisation.

Exciting Future Plans

This co-operative started in 1997, following a decision to close the existing crèche in Bethnal Green Training Centre. The employees, led by Audrey St Louis, the current manager, decided to take over the operation and run it as a worker co-operative. There was capacity for 16, which has now expanded to 22 children. The nursery has seen many changes over the years and has many more exciting plans for the future. The premises are being completely revamped starting in December, with building works only expected to last 9 months. This will coincide with Precious Kids’ transition to a child centre, operating under the local authority.

This is quite an exciting development and most essential for the longevity of the organisation. Audrey is planning to expand the range of services available, to include baby massage and a parent's drop-in service, further emphasising the importance of the role and input of the community to Precious Kids.

KidsZone • London wishes Audrey St Louis and all her staff the best for the future.

Precious Kids Day Nursery

Montefiore Children's Centre
Hanbury Street
E1 5HZ

Tel: 020 7247 8173

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reviewed by Siobhan Tattan
(KidsZone • London)