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Tuesday 5th July 2006

Epping Forest Hawk n Owl Sanctuary.

This sanctuary for hawks and owls is a licensed rehabilitation centre. It offers a unique service to all who admire and adore Birds of Prey, but who cannot keep one of their own.

Owls and raptors are not pets and without proper time, resources and commitment, keeping one is quite impossible.

KidsZone • London met up with Brian and Rita Wells, who run this organisation, at the recent Angel Canal Festival.

Here the birds were on display and were available for locals to put on a bird glove and prop an owl or even a hawk on their arm for those who dared! The visitors to the festival took to handling these birds very well and delighted in the rare opportunity of getting close to these beautiful feathered creatures.


The multitude of birds and prey that are kept at the centre include, “Holly” the barn owl and “Crystal” the snowy owl, “Bodicea and Monty” both bengal owls, “Radar” the great grey owl and “Cherokee” the Ferruginous Hawk, and Bomber Harris’ a hawk.

Many of these species of British Birds of Prey are now in threat of extinction, so this centre offers an essential service in helping to preserve and breed these birds. Why not make a donation or adopt an owl to ensure the valuable contribution that Brian and Rita Wells are giving these birds is sustained. 

The centre is based in Fyfield, 6 mile from Epping rail station.

Epping Forest Hawk n Owl Sanctuary.
4 Pennyfeathers, Moreton Rd, Fyfield,

Tel: 01277 899925

reviewed by Jenni Boswell-Jones
(KidsZone • London)